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edyoucated provides you and your team with a huge library of skills. Carefully selected by leading industry experts. Boost your team's knowledge with state-of-the-art content on topics like Data Analytics, Agile Management, UX/UI Design, and many other skills your team needs to get ready for the Digital Age.
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When you get started, just answer a few questions about your skills. The edyoucated personalization engine automatically determines the most effective learning plan for you. And the best thing: it learns over time and grows together with your skills. Welcome to a new age of learning.
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It’s remarkable that each learner - regardless if 23 or 60 years old, 10 years of IT background or complete beginner - had so much fun with the whole learning process and showed improvements after only an incremental amount of time.
Lars Schrameyer
Digital Transformation Team
BASF Coatings

Let us introduce: A personal buddy to boost your learning

Get instant access to learning advice by qualified experts. Looking for some guidance what skill to learn next? Got a question about a certain material? Just want to exchange some learning best practices? We've got your back.

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