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UX/UI Designer

51 skill atoms
15h 46m of content

Discover what Customer-Centricity means, learn the basics of Design Thinking and Agile, find out how to perform user research and user tests that matter, discover the most popular tools for designing prototypes, and much more!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

32 skill atoms
5h 26m of content

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) encompasses the philosophy and culture of acknowledging, embracing, and supporting different backgrounds.

Social selling

27 skill atoms
3h 49m of content

Cold calling belongs to the past - social selling is a modern sales method that allows your company to efficiently approach potential customers via social media, build relationships with them and create a network.

Evaluating learning success

15 skill atoms
2h 2m of content

Have you been to any trainings or company workshops lately? Maybe you've hosted a workshop for some of your employees. This is all part of a company's learning and development strategy.

Management with OKRs

25 skill atoms
5h 35m of content

The term OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results, a management strategy that focuses on clear objectives, focus and transparency.

Sustainable business leadership

20 skill atoms
4h 28m of content

Have you been hearing recent buzz words and phrases like sustainable development goals, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, recycling, and so forth?

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Energy management

Energy-efficient behavior in the workplace


Unconscious Bias

Phishing & Social Engineering

Cyber attacks


Transformational leadership


Agile methods & Kanban


Digital mindset

IT Services

Introduction of new software


Design thinking


Enterprise storytelling

Information security

Ransomware and other malware

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Dr. Julian Rasch

Data Scientist with expertise in educational sciences & PhD in Mathematics

Dr. Nico Broers

Behavioral Scientist, led state-of-the-art AI research in successfull learning at MIT

Klara Freitag

Skills & Curation Lead at edyoucated, Master's in Psychology at University of Münster

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Agile Fundamentals

15 skill atoms
2h 30m
dropdown icon

In our fast-paced world, the demands on project and product design teams have changed. Agility makes it possible for teams to test their ideas early in development and thus adapt them to the market. Agile teams react faster to changes in the market and are therefore characterized by high resilience. In this learning path, you will learn the Agile Fundamentals so that your team can successfully deal with the increasingly complex requirements of our time.

Basic Soft Skills for Sales

14 skill atoms
2h 43m
dropdown icon

When we interact with people, soft skills come into play. Soft skills, therefore, play a special role in sales. Mastering the basic soft skills for sales already makes a significant difference and can make any sales situation easier.

Basics of Digital Marketing

40 skill atoms
10h 35m
dropdown icon

Digital marketing surrounds us constantly and every day, whether it's surfing the web, searching for your favorite restaurant on Google, or strolling around your social media channels on your smartphone. This makes it even more important for a company to situate itself in the digital world and adapt its marketing strategies. After this learning path, you'll know all the basics about digital marketing and be able to design a campaign for your business!

Building Client Engagement

10 skill atoms
2h 15m
dropdown icon

Take your soft skills in the sales world to the next level and learn how to retain your customers for the long term, the stages of customer retention, what obstacles await you, and how to overcome them.

Business Model Innovation & Intrapreneurship

49 skill atoms
13h 1m
dropdown icon

Are you interested in innovation and ideation? Do you want to create something new inside your company? Do you want to know what a business model is and how it can be used to create new value? We've got you covered in this learning path. You will discover novel ways to create, deliver and capture value in your organization by diving into different innovation methods such as Product Discovery, Design Thinking, and Design Sprints. Do you want to learn what the concept of Lean Startup is and how it can be applied in a corporate context? We will show you, alongside well-known examples of successful business innovation. Let's get started!

Communicating Effectively

32 skill atoms
4h 25m
dropdown icon

We all speak at work to communicate with colleagues, superiors, and customers - usually without giving it a second thought. Yet, communication is a valuable skill worth improving! Good communication increases productivity and strengthens relationships. Let's invest together in your oral communication skills.

Conflict Management

11 skill atoms
2h 4m
dropdown icon

Have you ever been at work and disagreed with your coworker(s)? A back-and-forth discussion starts, you're trying to convince your coworker and your coworker is trying to convince you. This discussion is a form of conflict! Are you prepared to handle this conflict? Let's take a closer look at how to handle various workplace conflicts.

Confluence User

34 skill atoms
3h 7m
dropdown icon

In this learning path, we'll take a look at how Confluence can be used to easily create documentation. In the materials, we will highlight Confluence's core features - with a focus on creating documentation pages. Are you ready to get started?

Creating & Running Webinars

19 skill atoms
4h 27m
dropdown icon

A webinar, or web seminar, is a virtual event like a workshop, presentation, lecture, or demonstration hosted online using a webinar software tool. Webinars have been increasing in popularity as they don't require the presence of a live audience. Instead, your target group can be reached within the comfort of their home computers or mobile phones. Are you ready to see how webinars can take your company to the next level? Here we go ... 🚀

Creating a Learning Culture

9 skill atoms
1h 35m
dropdown icon

In the era of technological advancements, increasing remote work, century-old companies, and fledgling start-ups organizations continuously need upskilling, reskilling, and adding new skills so that their employees can keep pace with evolving demands to remain competitive. Thus, many organizations are proactively addressing employee knowledge needs on an ongoing basis – these organizations are said to have a “learning culture” and embrace a lifelong learning ideology.

Data Cleaning with Python

20 skill atoms
5h 13m
dropdown icon

Data preprocessing is a fundamental step in every model's life cycle. The analyses will be flawed from the start if your data is flawed or dirty. This learning path gives you a hands-on introduction to data preprocessing. We have covered you with data cleaning, missing values, handling outliers and the most common characteristics of dirty data, and how to deal with them.

Data Journalism with Google Sheets

70 skill atoms
19h 54m
dropdown icon

Your are a journalist and want to get started working with data? You are interested in discovering stories from data and want to communicate them clearly to your audience? You have come to the right place! In this learning path you will learn how to properly deal with data using Google Sheets, to organize, handle and aggregate it in order to eventually discover its hidden stories to tell to your audience. You will visualize and communicate your findings in a clear and informative way in figures, avoiding all the pitfalls and statistical hiccups that may await you along the way. You will see how critical thinking can enable you to figure out logical flaws in your analyses and stories and help you deliver well-informed information to your audience.

Data Literate with SQL and Python

107 skill atoms
22h 49m
dropdown icon

You want to get a little more familiar with data? You have seen your colleagues develop great business insights using data analysis and a few basic programming skills and you want to do the same? We've got you covered in this role. You will learn the basics of the programming languages SQL and Python in order to retrieve data from a data base, transform and aggregate it to your liking and to extract all the key figures you need. Even if you are not planning on programming yourself, this role helps you thinking like a data scientist and enables you to understand the world of data around you.

Data Reporting

37 skill atoms
6h 24m
dropdown icon

The handling and analysis of data is becoming increasingly important. A central and influential process in companies lies in the communication of data and analyses from one party to another. But a report is not just a report. To make a data report convincing and clear, there are a few things to consider. Data report is always related to data visualization, story telling, design thinking and dashboards. In this learning path, you'll familiarize yourself with these principles and learn how to make your next data report even more compelling.

Data Science with Python

101 skill atoms
19h 57m
dropdown icon

Your data sets have become too large to process them in MS Excel? You want to compute KPIs that require techniques beyond spreadsheet calculations? You want to automate some of your data cleaning routines? Maybe it is time to dive a little deeper into the programing basics for data analysis and modeling. In this role you will learn all the necessary skills of the state-of-the-art programming language Python to get started with modern data wrangling and data visualization. You will learn how to shape and aggregate your data to your liking and how to generate useful KPIs and insights from your data. Once all the basics have been mastered, you will also get a peak into making more sense of your data using data modeling techniques such as clustering and linear regression.

Data Visualization with MS Office

36 skill atoms
7h 42m
dropdown icon

Do you often work with data and spreadsheets and need to communicate results to colleagues or managers? In this learning path you will learn the technical basics of creating charts in Excel and PowerPoint, like how to use different chart types and how to edit them according to the message you want to convey. We will also cover design and storytelling skills to develop meaningful visualizations.

Data and IT Security

21 skill atoms
4h 56m
dropdown icon

One can barely imagine today's society without the internet and modern technology. Even though these tools provide great benefits, it is foolish to overlook their dangers. In this learning path, you will learn how to protect yourself and your organization from cyber-attacks and safely navigate the digital sphere. You will get to know different security threats ranging from malware attacks to phishing and IoT attacks and find out how to prevent them.


32 skill atoms
9h 55m
dropdown icon

Datawrapper is an online tool that makes data visualization easy and accessible for everyone. With Datawrapper you can create charts, maps or tables in four simple steps. The clear navigation thus helps to create and customize charts easily. There are a lot of options to customize your graphics according to your ideas and wishes and you will find a visualization for every type of data. Here you will learn how to use Datawrapper, to understand the different charts and maps and to create and customize them!

Deep Work

9 skill atoms
1h 49m
dropdown icon

The phrase "Deep Work" was coined by Cal Newport and he argues that in order to be more productive one must work on a single task in a high state of concentration, eliminating all distractions. Newport suggests that, if implemented correctly, Deep Work can increase one's productivity.

Design Thinking

44 skill atoms
6h 54m
dropdown icon

Design Thinking is an approach to solving problems and developing new ideas. Its main focus lies on the users and their needs, wishes, and demands. By following the Design Thinking process, you can develop solutions that truly convince your customers!

Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset

12 skill atoms
3h 21m
dropdown icon

The best product will hardly bring you profits if it is not adapted to the needs of your customers. Especially with today's huge range of products, customer satisfaction will ultimately determine whether your product can stand up to the tough competition. Find out here how you can align your company with your customers through and through so that both your customers and your company benefit from your customer-centric mindset!

Digital Innovator

22 skill atoms
7h 7m
dropdown icon

The 21st century is characterized by the rapid emerging and development of new technologies, in particular in the digital world. The ongoing digitalization changes our private lives and our working lives as fast as never before. Therefore, it has become more crucial than ever for companies and their employees to keep up with new technologies, software and learning methods to stay competitive and state-of-the-art. In this role you will get an overview of a variety of ongoing digital topics and developments that shape modern companies. Learn more about the recent development of the internet towards 5G technology and how this affects the Internet of Things and get to know how Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality change the world. Have you ever wondered about "robots" that could do a part of your repetitive everyday work? Time to get started learning about Robotic Process Automation and more in this role. Have fun!

Digitalizing Your Offline Training

23 skill atoms
4h 26m
dropdown icon

This learning path will teach you everything you need to know when digitalizing your offline training or creating an e-learning course from scratch. All important steps will be covered: e-learning formats, successful conception, e-learning roll-out, and much more!

Driving Sustainable Change

35 skill atoms
7h 9m
dropdown icon

Learn how to make the world a better place! Sustainability is our key to a bright future. In order to drive sustainable development, we need brilliant ideas and innovations and we need change on a broader level of society. In this learning path, you will learn about different facets of sustainability and how you can measure it. Both individual and organizational change mainly cause resistance and obstacles. A successful and sustainable change requires a vision, many allies, and a strategic plan. With thorough and thoughtful change management, you can trigger and sustain change. John P. Kotter's 8-steps change model will guide you the way.

Effective Feedback

10 skill atoms
1h 59m
dropdown icon

Feedback is an effective tool in ongoing development: it helps clarify expectations, allows people to learn from their mistakes, make improvements, and overall boosts their confidence. Let's take a look at what it takes to give, receive and implement feedback!

Effective Learning

20 skill atoms
3h 47m
dropdown icon

The main challenge for all of us today is to keep up with the need to continuously learn new things in new environments. This is because the ongoing digitalization is changing our private and professional everyday life at a rapid pace. This is also known as lifelong learning, and with this learning path we would like to support you with this! ⚡️ Learn more about the future of work while getting to know methods for effective learning and working.

Effective Rhetoric and Presentation Skills

22 skill atoms
4h 34m
dropdown icon

We've all seen, or heard, TED speakers- they make public speaking look cool, effortless, and downright easy! How do they do it? In this Effective Rhetoric and Presentation Skills learning path, we explore just that - how to hone public speaking and presentation skills. We're here to make sure you're ready for your next pitch!

Embracing Mindfulness

16 skill atoms
3h 53m
dropdown icon

The twenty-first century has found us leading very busy lives - constantly on the go, thousands of thoughts running through our minds, and never a moment of stillness. We eventually find ourselves feeling drained and our overall well-being declining. But, it doesn't have to be this way! The secret is simple - mindfulness. Come on, let's learn more about mindfulness and improve our well-being. 🌿

Evaluating Learning Success

15 skill atoms
2h 2m
dropdown icon

Have you been to any trainings or company workshops lately? Maybe you've hosted a workshop for some of your employees. This is all part of a company's learning and development strategy. How do you measure the success of all these trainings that cost money and effort? Is it even possible to evaluate learning? Of course! In this learning path, we'll dive into the basics of evaluating learning success.

Exploring the Circular Economy

32 skill atoms
8h 14m
dropdown icon

In today's economy, we take new resources to make new products, and once they've reached their end of life, we throw them away. Our waste has grown so large that there's a whole garbage island floating in the Pacific Ocean! What if we told you it doesn't have to be this way? What if we told you resources could be reused and waste reduced? Would you believe us? It's called the circular economy! Are you ready to find out more?

Figma Introduction

18 skill atoms
2h 6m
dropdown icon

Figma is an interface design application that is popular among UX and UI Designers. It comes with many convenient features such as vector tools and code generation that enable you to build prototypes, draft websites and landing pages, and much more.

Fit for Leadership

27 skill atoms
7h 25m
dropdown icon

What makes a good leader? Is it something you are born to do or something you can learn? Research is convinced that leadership can be learned as a skill and, thus anyone can develop into a good leader with practice, commitment, and experience. However, this requires a solid foundation. This learning path gives you a perfect introduction to the topic of leadership and sets a confident foundation for your further development. Here you will learn about different leadership styles and the differences and similarities between management and leadership. Most importantly, we look at what makes a good leader: establishing direction, aligning people, motivating, and inspiring.


42 skill atoms
7h 13m
dropdown icon

Do you want to learn how to use forecasting to support your everyday decision-making? You have come to the right place! In this learning path, you will study the essential ideas and concepts revolving around forecasting in theory and connect them to some practice examples. You will start with the forecasting process in general and how to interpret, analyze and manipulate time series data before diving a little deeper into the necessary statistical concepts revolving around forecasting such as different types of correlations, normality, outliers, and anomalies stationarity of time series. Afterward, you will get an overview of the methods and models commonly used for forecasting, including naive models, classical time series models, or regression models. As the last bit, you will also learn how to evaluate and interpret the results of the forecast using prediction and confidence intervals as well as a variety of error measures. Already excited to get started? Then let’s jump right in!

Google Analytics

17 skill atoms
3h 7m
dropdown icon

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google, with just one piece of code which could be added to any website to get the data. It allows you to track and report website traffic, videos, social media traffic well as it measures the all-important return on investment (R.O.I.). This role explains how to get started with Google Analytics: from account creation to complex reporting structure and how to use Google tag manager.

Improve Your Business Writing

13 skill atoms
1h 38m
dropdown icon

Writing and reading emails, letters and reports takes up a huge part of our working time and is often no great pleasure. Cluttered phrases, spelling mistakes, and the uncomfortable feeling of not having expressed yourself clearly are not fun but avoidable. Learn how to improve your written business communication and look forward to not having any of your emails go unanswered!

Inside Sales

13 skill atoms
1h 45m
dropdown icon

More than ever, sales managers need to take care of their leads and customers and since sales calls are mostly virtual, inside sales has become one of the most important components of the sales function. Inside sales managers are responsible for the acquisition of new customers, as well as the management of existing customers. Here you will learn what the essential tasks of an Inside Sales Manager are and how Inside Sales differs from other sales positions.

Introduction to Digital Sales

26 skill atoms
3h 53m
dropdown icon

Are you curious about the current trends in "Sales 4.0" and what this means for all participants and processes? Would you like to get an overview of the topics that (currently) occupy salespeople? Then you've come to the right place! This learning path contains materials around the topics: Identifying and approaching potential customers, persuading and selling, and support and aftersales.

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